About AdBill

The idea

Writing bills and reports is probably not the exciting part of working with online advertising campaigns for anyone out there. Besides, it takes time you can't charge someone for. So we made exactly the same demands on our workflows as on our ad campaigns: We'll do this once, but right. So we developed AdBill: A tool that takes the time consuming part of the work off our hands and writes invoices and reports at the push of a button. One that stores all the information and special agreements with customers that we would otherwise have stored in folders and billing software and had to collect laboriously. A tool with which we can evaluate the performance of cross-platform campaigns at a glance.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

What makes us unique

- We work according to BDSG
- German Support
- Simple and intuitive user interface
- Customer feedback is sacred to us - what is feasible is implemented

Who stands behind AdBill

The team behind AdBill consists of software developers, marketing specialists and founding junkies who have been developing, managing and constantly improving successful online campaigns for well-known customers for years. We love our job - but like everyone in the industry we want more time for the important things: getting to know our customers and their employees, understanding their target group, writing awesome campaigns and optimizing them in cooperation with our customers in order to get the maximum out of them for everyone involved.

Adbill Team

Nicolas Fritsch
Nils Peter
Jonas Lehmann