Automated reports and invoicing for marketers and agencies

Easily create professional online marketing reports, save time and show your impact.

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AdBill compiles data from digital advertising channels and simplifies complex and time-consuming work processes through automation


Define the name, advertising network and associated campaigns for your project..


Manual billings and reports or everything automated. Decide what your project should be able to do.


Receive invoices and reports and keep track of performance indicators.


Create beautiful and insightful reports automatically

Automate your reporting for advertising channels such as Google AdWords, FacebookAds or BingAds with just a few clicks and send them directly from AdBill to your customers. The AdBill Reporting Engine provides you with meaningful reports in your own look & feel and is equipped with a multitude of intelligent features. No matter whether you choose from the numerous templates or create your own report templates. 

Your reporting becomes more efficient, easier and smarter!


Advertising agency billing

Many manual steps are required to retrieve the advertising expenditures of various advertising networks, to calculate the invoiced amount based on the agreed conditions and finally to insert it into the existing billing software. AdBill replaces this tedious and time-consuming task with an error-free automation flow. With the billing features you retain full control over your billing modalities and can conveniently transfer your billing data to your current billing system with one click.
Control your invoicing processes in the simplest way and benefit from variability through a variety of billing models.


Keep an eye on your campaigns

Keep a clear overview of the performance of all advertising accounts and compare your campaigns centrally across all channels. Save time on your budgets with intelligent filters and smart dashboard widgets. AdBill Monitoring is a real data talent and connects to numerous business intelligence systems via an interface.
Discover sales potential even faster and benefit from an intelligent performance and financial overview.

Perfectly integrated into your workflow

AdBill collects and manages all data and ensures that billing and reporting is accurate. AdBill saves you 80% of manual work.


Easily connect and integrate data in a single software

Highest data security 

We offer a fail-safe network and secure your data in daily backups. Our infrastructure is SSL secured and has been certified according to German standards.


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  • 49 €

    per month
    for monthly payment
  • 39 €

    per month
    for yearly payment
  • Freelancers and small teams
  • 5 projects
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited documents

  • 99 €

    per month
    for monthly payment
  • 79 €

    per month
    for yearly payment
  • Small agencies
  • 25 projects
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited documents

  • 199 €

    per month
    for monthly payment
  • 159 €

    per month
    for yearly payment
  • Large agencies
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited documents

All prices are net plus the legal VAT.

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Client Testimonials

We serve over 150 large and small agencies.
Discover why our customers choose AdBill.

"AdBill saves us a lot of stress and cross communication in the agency and in my private life I have more time for my daughter, since manual invoicing is no longer necessary. Great thing!"

"A great software for everyday agency work. In the area of search engine advertising, AdBill should not be missed. Makes life a lot easier."

"As an experienced online agency we know the administrative hurdles in customer service only too well and try to automate a lot in this area. AdBill can provide a great deal of support and take a lot of work off."

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