Convenient and automated billing

  • High time savings through automated invoicing

  • Smart billing templates for individual

  • Variable billing models for more
    flexibility in sales

  • Use your own billing system
    with AdBill

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automated invoicing

AdBill takes over the accounting for you

Specify the date and period for your individual billing in advance and AdBill creates and sends them automatically on a fixed date or day of the month.

Minimize your effort permanently and send your invoice on time and tailored to the needs of your customers. No more rigid billing cycles. Once you have created a settlement, you can plan and send it automatically as often as required.


Time-saving billing templates

With AdBill billing templates, you can configure all billing modalities in detail and change them at any time. You can use placeholders to automatically display all campaign data relevant for the service period in the invoice texts. See at a glance which projects are linked to the template and change content across projects.

Enjoy the variety of options and flexibility and settle your customers comfortably. With AdBill, you save yourself the manual effort of compiling your invoices and offer your customers maximum information depth.

billing model engine

Flexibility in invoicing - Increase in revenue through variable invoicing

Choose between numerous billing models based on your advertising budgets and set fixed or variable fees. Simply add special conditions as separate invoice items.

Help your customers to increase sales and benefit from individual billing models. Your customer grows - you grow with them!


Perfectly integrated into your workflow

The integration of accounting systems such as Lexoffice or Billomat can be carried out with just a few clicks. You can even integrate different accounting systems in parallel and decide at project level with which system your accounting should be carried out.

AdBill integrates with the most popular billing providers and allows you to seamlessly complement your processes. We can integrate your invoice provider at any time on request.

efficient campaign support

Manage campaigns easily and efficiently with AdBill

Easy integration

More individuality

Full automation

Time saving


Easily connect and integrate data in one software

Highest data security

We offer a fail-safe network and secure your data in daily backups. Our infrastructure is SSL secured and has been certified according to German standards.

Client testimonials

We serve over 150 large and small agencies.
Discover why our customers choose AdBill.

"AdBill saves us a lot of stress and cross communication in the agency and in my private life I have more time for my daughter, since manual invoicing is no longer necessary. Great thing!"

"Eine prima Software für den Agenturalltag. Im Bereich Search Engine Advertising sollte man auf AdBill eigentlich nicht verzichten. Macht das Leben schon um einiges leichter."

"Als erfahrene Online-Agentur kennen wir die administrativen Hürden in der Kundenbetreuung nur zu gut und versuchen in diesem Bereich viel zu automatisieren. Dabei kann AdBill in großem Maße unterstützen und viel Arbeit abnehmen."

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